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Special Needs Stop is helping children with Autism through our affiliation with CharityUSA.com LLC (The Autism Site Store). Purchase all your Autism Awareness Jewelry, Clothing, Gifts, Home Decor, Footwear, Totes, Inspirational Items and more while helping families.  Your purchase helps children with Autism and their families. "Every item you buy pays for therapy and research, helping families and children living with autism."  Take advantage of great Autism product deals, promotions and coupons when purchasing on The Autism Site Store. Support the cause you care about while you shop for unique gifts online.

Merchandise Categories:

Autism Awareness - Autism Awareness Jewelry, Autism Awareness Clothing and Autism Awareness Home

Autism Awareness Accessories - Watches, Scarves, Lanyards, Car Charms, Key Chains, Pocket Coins & Tokens, Outerwear Accessories, Luggage Tags, Belts, Personal Care, Travel Cups & Water Bottles 

Autism Awareness Car Accessories - Car Charms, Key Chains, Stickers, Clings & Magnets, Travel Mugs, Travel Cups & Water Bottles 

Autism Awarenss Clothing - Hoodies, Women's Tops, Lightweight Jackets, Sweaters, Fleece Jackets, Vests, Tunics, T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Pajamas, Skirts, Dresses, Active Wear, Swim Wear, Scrubs, Plus Size Clothing, Hats Scarves, Gloves, Fair Trading Clothng and Men's Clothing

Autism Awareness Footwear - Shoes, Boots, Socks, Slippers, Flip Flops, Sandals

Autism Awareness Garden - Windchimes, Solar Lights, Garden Decor, Garden Stakes, Garden Flags, Bird Houses, Bird Feeders, Bird Bathes, Rain Gauges, Garden Thermometers, Planters, Hanging Baskets, Hammocks & Garden Accessories

Autism Awareness Home Decor - Desk Accessories, Bathroom Decor, Throws & Pillows, Sculpture, Rugs & Mats, Candles, Wall Art Signs, Picture Frames, Wall Mirrors, Vases, Decorative Boxes, Baskets, Knitting, Refrigerator Magnets, Notepads & Journals 

Autism Awareness Jewelry - Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, ins, Watches, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Amber Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Jewelry Boxes, Men's Jewelry

Autism Awareness Inspirational - Jewelry, Home & Gifts, Clothing, Faith Based Gifts 

Autism Awareness Kitchen - Mugs & Cups, Kitchen Tools, Refrigerator Magnets, Aprons, Serverware, Travel Cups & Water Bottles, Glassware, Gourmet Treats, Coffee, Tea & Gourmet Delights

Autism Awareness Totes, Purses & Bags - Purses, Wristlets, Clutches, Shopping Bags, Tote Bags, Messenger Bags, Duffle Bags, Backpacks, Travel Bags, Luggage Tags, Lunch Totes, Wallets, Coin Purse, Cosmetic Bags, Phone Cases, Laptop Bags, Bag Accessories

Toys for Kids on the Spectrum - Social Engagement & Interaction, Emotional Development & Regulation, Creative Thinking & Imaginative Play, Sensory Motor Development, Communication & Interaction, Cognition & Problem Solving  6 Skill Categories & specifically chosen by specialists to help enhance the play and development of children on the autism spectrum.

  • Social Engagement & Interaction - Toys that develop social engagement and interaction skills include those that children can engage with both alone and with a partner, promote turn taking and cooperation, allow opportunities for imitation or provide a certain amount of predictability or familiarity.
  • Emotional Development & RegulationBooks and toys can help children on the autism spectrum develop strategies to recognize emotions and how to control them as well as recognize social cues and how to behave in a socially acceptable manner. Toys that allow children to develop skills in this area will help them build connections with others, learn to make positive self-management choices and express emotions appropriately. Look for books or games that demonstrate a range of emotional states, toys that encourage imitation and trying on different emotions, and activities that can lead to conversations about the why and how of different emotions or emotional reactions.
  • Creative Thinking & Imaginative PlayImagination is key to figuring out what someone else might feel, believe and desire. It contributes to the development of logic, memory and abstract thinking. Toys that encourage creative thinking actively engage children’s imaginations and allow creative self-expression to help them gain confidence and learn how to navigate their world. Toys that support this type of play include dolls and dollhouses, puppets, construction and building toys, stuffed animals, interactive stories, arts and crafts, musical instruments and dress up costumes.
  • Sensory Motor DevelopmentChildren need to have regular opportunities for enhanced sensory and motor experiences as well as for restful and calming experiences. Helping children develop their sensory and motor skills not only helps them organize themselves in relation to the world but supports all areas of development. Large motor play, like jumping and climbing, supports a need for body awareness, physical skill development and self-regulation. Manipulative toys, like puzzles and art materials, support hand-eye coordination, motor planning and attention. Hand fidgets, bath toys and blow toys support a need for enhanced touch and oral sensory input. Creating a hideaway with a play tent, stuffed animals and quiet toys or books can be great to regroup after a busy day.
  • Communication & InteractionTeaching communication through the imaginative and give-and-take nature of play can help children with autism learn to communicate in other situations. Being able to effectively convey their message and express their needs or feelings will often reduce frustration and promote positive interactions with others. Playful, low-stress opportunities for communication can be created through turn taking while playing games, requesting and talking about pieces of puzzles or other assembly toys, engaging in dress-up activities, and singing along with a music video or CD.
  • Cognition & Problem SolvingHelping children on the autism spectrum put together parts of a whole and respond to visual cues or abstract ideas can lead to a sense of achievement and boost self esteem and confidence. Mastering new skills and concepts are essential building blocks for independent living and social integration. Word games, puzzles, science kits, building sets and games all aid in helping kids to stretch their minds to solve problems and tackle complex and abstract ideas.
  • FavoritesEach toy builds multiple skills while enhancing the play and development of children on the autism spectrum.