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Special Needs and Disability Products

Purchase your Special Needs and Disability Products Here! We offer the best special needs and disability products available at great prices. Special Needs Stop has gone to great lengths to locate the best products for individuals and families needing items designed with special needs and disabilities in mind. We offer adaptive clothing, therapy games and toys, independent living aides, gifts for special needs kids, books about families raising special needs kids, educational games, toys for autistic children, aroma therapy candles, adaptive equipment and so more more. Be sure to visit often and bookmark this page for future purchases. 

Quality adaptive clothing for men of all ages with special needs, disabilities or physical challenges. Adaptive Clothing for Home Health Care & Nursing Home Residents including shirts, pants, outer wear and more. 
Quality adaptive clothing for women of all ages with special needs, disabilities or physical challenges. Adaptive Clothing for Home Health Care & Nursing Home Residents including shirts, pants, outer wear and more.

Aroma Therapy has been proven to reduce physical and mental fatigue,  ease exhaustion, insomnia, irritability, and depression, increase ability to help in coping with despair and mental fatigue,  reduce headaches and irritability and to prevent drowsiness. Each aroma therapy candle is hand made using soy. The aroma therapy candle tins come with a hassle free lid that stacks neatly under the tin. These soy candles are great gifts and tins can be used for a variety of craft/storage ideas. Each tin comes with a personalized message of your choice to represent your individuality or your loved ones uniqueness.

Purchase all your Autism Awareness Merchandise Here! Every purchase helps Families and Children with Autism. You will find the perfect Autism Awareness items while helping families. Products include but not limited to Autism Awareness Jewelry, Clothing, Gifts, Home Decor, Footwear, Totes, Inspirational Items and more. "Every item you buy pays for therapy and research, helping families and children living with autism." 

Special Needs Stop has done the research for you. Look no further! Purchase new and popular books about special needs and disabilities. Our book store include books written to inspire and educate individuals and family members navigating a special needs life. Purchase Books for raising Autistic Children, Books about Special Needs Families,Books about raising a Special Needs Child, Books about Disability, Books about Disability and Religion, Disability Books, Disability Bibles, Books on Special Needs Parenting and more... Please take a moment to browse our selection, make a purchase and share your thoughts on our facebook page.
Special Needs Stop operates with a Christian Philosophy and is proud to offer products full of faith and inspiration. Locate books about special needs written to remind us that God does have a divine plan for everyone and every ability. Locate Scriptures related to disability and find encouragement in the written word.

Special Needs Stop has a gift guide for you. Featuring gifts for all ages and abilities. Multi-Sensory toys to help develop visual tracking, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Games made to help build gross motor skills and dexterity. Social Skill games great for building communication, nonverbal communication and social skills. Toys and games designed to develop cause and effect, matching, identification, vocabulary and patterns. 

Find your Gross and Fine Motor skill tools and games designed to encourage individuals to increase dexterity and strength. 

We offer a wide variety of tools, toys and games that will help develop important fine and gross motor skills. These products are designed for individuals that need to increase hand strength, grasp improvement, balance, dexterity, stability and independence. 

Tools for increasing communication through play and therapy. Find an assortment of speech devices, games and apps to increase the use of speech for individuals with special needs or disabilities.