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Gift Guide for Kids with Special Needs

Shopping for the perfect gift can be difficult, but we have created the following gift guide to get you started on your journey to making that special someone thrilled with their gift. Our gift guide includes gifts for individuals with special needs and abilities of all ages. Play is an easy way to have fun while learning. Make it a family fun night or spend some quality one on one time while laughing and learning. Many of the items for sale in our gift guide include extensive customer reviews for an easier shopping experience.   Gifts include Multi-Sensory toys, games made to help build gross motor skills, and Social Skill games. Don't underestimate toys and games as great gifts, they can help with social skills and language, help meet developmental milestones, learn cause and effect, express and identify emotions. Please note you will be directed to one of our affiliated partners for purchase after clicking the link.  

Gifts for Under $10.00 -  These small toys and games can be used as rewards for good behavior, stocking stuffers or travel. These gifts have been selected based on customer feedback and product reviews from teachers.

Preschool ToysSturdy, durable, and recommended by therapists and educators, these Developmental toys encourages social, emotional, cognitive, fine motor and gross motor development. 

Toddler Toys - This section is all about good toys for very young children that are safe and engaging while allowing for successful exploration and the development of essential skills.

Gifts for Grade School Age - Toys and games that provide lots fun for elementary aged kids withAutism, Asperger Syndrome, or PDD-NOS

Gifts for Teens with Autism or Aspergers - This section includes toys, games, specialty items, and activities with a track record of working well with teens and adults on the spectrum and are socially appropriate. While shopping this section please keep in mind the developmental age of the teen or adult, many of thitems in this section are designed for adults and are not appropriate for children. 

Social Skills Games  - These Social Skills Games were designed by professionals to teach strategies to deal with social problems, recognize emotions, ask questions, understand body language in a relaxed, fun and nonthreatening environment. 

Cause and Effect Toys -  Parents have reported these make great gifts for kids who have limited social contact. By taking turns with the toy, family members are able to enter into an enjoyable shared experience making these a valuable developmental tool for social development while offering the opportunity for hand eye coordination, simple repetitive actions, play between parent and child, and sensory exploration. 

Sensory Toys  and Activities - Stimulating products that will encourage sensory exploration, developmental skills, and work well for sensory integration therapy. Products that focus on the sense of touch, hearing, sight as well as gross motor toys that are durable enough for occupational therapy. Each sensory Toy and Activity is not only therapeutic but fun and works well on a daily basis. 

Hand-Eye Coordination Toys - The toys in this section will help individuals develop essential skills needed for daily living like getting dressed, eating, and even opening or closing a door properly. These toys can provide a foundation that will lower frustration and increase independence while having fun and developing hand eye coordination.

Fidget Toys and Stress Balls for Autism & ADHD -  Fidget Toys and Stress Balls help people of all ages especially individuals with autism or ADHD focus and manage anger, anxiety and daily stress. These increasingly popular choices for teachers and therapists have been proven to help students focus, absorb more information, self-regulate, and provide a calming influence. Simple, reasonably priced and very effective.

Gross Motor Equipment & Balance Toys - High quality gross motor toys, activities and products that will encourage gross motor development, active play, increase coordination and have fun! You will appreciate the durable construction of each item in this section designed for years of use.

Fine Motor Toys and GamesDeveloping fine motor muscles is an essential first step towards holding a pencil, learning to dress, and so much more. These toys will help kids develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. They can be fun, lasting gifts that your child can enjoy for years to come.

Cooperative Games - Cooperative games are designed for players to work as a team against a common obstacle rather than playing against each other eliminating stress and the focus to win. These games are not highly competitive but fun and often include visual cues. The highly visual nature of many of these cooperative games often give kids with autism or visual strengths, an advantage as they play with their peers.
Positive Reinforcement Toys -  These toys work best when you combine them with verbal praise and it’s always best to have a variety on hand to prevent boredom or routine. These toys are the reinforcers you need to keep individuals motivated. 

Oral Motor Toys and Whistles - Want more than just blowing bubbles? If so this is the section for you. There are lots of options to keep kids engaged and therapy exciting including interesting whistles, build your own sound horns, bubble toys, chewable vibration toys and multi-textured chew toys. Explore lots of options to keep kids engaged and therapy exciting by shopping now. 

Puzzles - One of the most tried and true gift for everyone is puzzles. Puzzles are fun visual gifts that teach basic concepts, work on fine motor skills, eye - hand coordination, and more! 

Imaginative Play Toys -  Imaginative play is an important part of developing language, social, and emotional skills. The items in this section allow you to set up scenarios to explore a variety of themes and interests like trains, play kitchens and more.